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Conton Fair

  • Date:2023-11-03 14:13:13
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As a pioneer and explorer in the domestic air compressor industry, Olymtech Air Compressor perfectly presented its newly upgraded energy-saving products and intelligent solutions to the public at this Canton Fair, demonstrating the charm and advantages of air compressor products under digital technology. It has brought practical digital and intelligent aerodynamic system solutions to more companies.

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Exhibition grand occasion

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At this exhibition, Olymtech has two booths, focusing on displaying a full range of permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressors and supporting air compressor unit intelligent products, attracting widespread attention from many industry professionals and on-site guests. The atmosphere was warm and hundreds of customers expressed their intention to cooperate!

The exhibition area was crowded and customers frequently stopped to inquire. Visitors from all walks of life came in droves, and customers’ confidence and expectations for Olymtech air compressors continued to rise. After listening to the staff’s introduction, many customers called Perfect! For a long time, Olymtech air compressors have been exported to more than 90 overseas countries and are deeply loved by overseas users. Their stable and durable quality has been well received.

Olymtech air compressors have always adhered to the environmental protection and energy-saving vision of making the sky bluer, and are committed to being the leader of "domestic air compressors" and building a well-known brand made in China. The many products on display this time can be used in a variety of scenarios. Such as: precision electronic manufacturing, medical medicine, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing and other fields.

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