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CY series
Olymtech VSD permanent magnet oil cooled motor screw air compressor

Main Features:
1. Energy saving, no unloading wastage
2. Reliable and stable quality, suit for using in the heavy duty situation
3. VSD soft start, protect your factory power grid
4. Low vibration and low noise
5. Easy operate, intelligent PLC controller
6. Tall and thin design, save factory space
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  • Permanent magnet OIL COOLED motor
  • Reliable inverter technology
  • Side hot air exhaust design
  • Efficient transmission

Permanent magnet OIL COOLED motor

1.IE5 super high efficiency oil cooled motor, temperature resisitance reach to 180℃
2.IP65 protection levelmotor, suit for use in the heavy duty factory, runs every 24 hours
3.No fan blade, wind resistance loss is 0
4.Oil is a much better heat transfer media than air cooling. Oil cooled motor working temperature is at least 10°C lower than air cooled motor
5.Lower noise becasue the motor case is wrapped by oil

Reliable inverter technology

1.Average energy saving can reach to 35% during air demand fluctuation
2.Won't waste air when unloading
3.VSD starting can reduce the impact of the power grid
4.Inverter, PLC and controller are perfert match, can give fast respone to users

Side hot air exhaust design

1.Particularly suited for congested low ceiling level air compressor room. Side cooling ‘BLAST’ all hot air directly out of the compressor room through opening on wall or wire mesh fencing without the use of expensive hot air ducting!
2. The cooler is placed vertically, which avoid the dust falling on the cooler from the top. Prolong the cooler service life.

Efficient transmission

Motor and air-end is one shaft transmission, no belt, no gear, no coupling, energy is 100% transmission, efficient and no wastage
CY series
    Olymtech VSD permanent magnet oil cooled motor screw air compressor
Model Max  
    Working Pressure
CapacityMotor PowerTransmissionConnectionNet Weight Dimension
    (Lx W x H)
C15Y71022.5882015Direct   DriveG1"3001050*600*1125
C22Y71023.81343022Direct   DriveG1"3601050*600*1125
C37Y71026.72365037Direct   DriveG1-1/4"3901200*650*1500
C55Y710210.23607555Direct   DriveG2"10001550*1160*1600
C75Y710213.246610075Direct   DriveG2"10501550*1160*1600
    ● According to the standard of GB19153-2009
    ● Compressor stage: one stage compression
    ● Exhaust temperature: ambient temperature + 15
    ● Power supply: 380v/50hz/3ph, 415v/50hz/3ph
    ● Please contact with us for any specification that is not within the above   mentioned standard

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