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Air Compressor has not been used for a long time, Precautions for Restarting

  • Date:2023-08-03 16:05:56
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Firstly,If you need to stop using the air compressor for a long time, you need to take the following protective measures:

1. Shutdown for more than three weeks

① Motor control system components and electrical equipment should be wrapped with plastic paper or oiled paper to prevent moisture intrusion.

② Completely drain the water in the water-cooled oil cooler and air cooler.

③If there is any fault, it should be eliminated first, so as to facilitate future use.

④After a few days, discharge the condensed water from the oil-gas separator, oil cooler and air cooler.

2. In addition to the above procedures, the following measures should be taken if the machine is shut down for more than two months:

① Close all openings to prevent moisture and dust from entering.

②Wrap the safety valve, control valve, etc. with oil paper or similar paper to prevent corrosion.

③Replace the lubricating oil with new one before stopping, and run it for 30 minutes. After two or three days, remove the condensed water remaining in the oil-gas separator and oil cooler

④ Drain the cooling water completely.

Secondly,To restart an air compressor that has not been used for a long time, you need to do the following startup steps:

1. Remove all plastic paper or oiled paper on the unit.

2. The insulation of the measured motor should be above 1MD, check all electrical equipment, and no moisture is allowed.

3. Check whether the internal circuit of the machine is normal; fasten the electrical terminal and check whether the oil level is within the normal range.

4. Check whether each pipeline is loose.

5. Add a small amount of clean engine oil from the air inlet, and manually crank (belt and direct-coupled models)

6. Power on and check whether the three-phase power supply is normal.

7. Check whether the controller data is abnormal.

8. Run the unit for 2 hours, record the operation data every 1 hour, and check the unit for running, emitting, dripping and leaking.

Special attention: when the air compressor is shut down for a long time and then restarted, never press the start button directly, the machine head is easy to get stuck due to lack of oil, and it must be started by jogging!

Special Note: If the air compressor has been stored and not used for more than 1 year, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil, oil filter and oil separator. Prevent the machine from high temperature due to the failure of lubricating oil.

Thirdly,jog method

1. Press the start button, press the emergency stop button after about 5 seconds of operation, and the interval is about half a minute (for permanent magnet frequency conversion, you can press the emergency stop button after the pre-running time is over when jogging), repeat the above steps for no less than 2 times and then start normally.

2. If you find that the temperature rises rapidly with abnormal noise when you start it, it means that the internal oil has not circulated, and you must immediately press the emergency stop to stop and restart several times.

3. Manually unload the air compressor, and test whether the manual loading and unloading of the unit is normal.

4. Observe the loading and unloading pressure of the air compressor, and test whether the automatic loading and unloading of the air compressor is normal.

5. Wait for the air compressor to run normally before starting normal air supply.




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