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How to improve air compressor efficiency and availability?

  • Date:2023-11-01 15:52:52
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How to improve air compressor efficiency and availability?

Even if you purchase one of the most reliable air compressors on the market, its availability and efficiency will be greatly affected by factors such as the work environment, operating conditions and maintenance. What can you do to avoid production shutdowns and keep your machines in excellent condition?

What should we pay attention to to achieve high efficiency and high availability of compressed air systems?

1. Air compressor installation

Installing your air compressor in a clean environment with moderate temperature and humidity conditions is the first step to achieving excellent performance. The air compressor draws in ambient air. In dusty environments, this means the intake filter will become saturated more quickly and need to be replaced more frequently. Otherwise, key components of the air compressor will be affected.

2. Regularly check machine parameters

Pay attention to checking equipment parameters such as outlet temperature and pressure to predict potential problems. This is achieved by continuously collecting data and analyzing it. Take advantage of your air compressor’s remote connectivity capabilities.

3. Proper maintenance planning

Following the service recommendations of your air compressor service engineer is another key element. Maintenance requirements should be tailored to specific environmental conditions.

4. Choose appropriate auxiliary equipment

Air consumption can fluctuate, resulting in poor air compressor operating patterns and reduced air quality. Proper selection of ancillary equipment such as dryers, gas tanks, ductwork and duct filters can reduce the impact.

Will air compressor maintenance planning affect air compressor efficiency and availability?

To maintain efficient operation, all equipment requires regular maintenance. Please follow the engineer's repair recommendations. If operating conditions change, these repairs will need to be adjusted. Prepare for maintenance operations two to three months in advance, as it takes time to order parts and schedule a technician visit. Remember to incorporate maintenance operations into your production plan.

A good maintenance plan makes the most of your investment and manages your resources efficiently. You don't have to worry about parts inventory, equipment monitoring, maintenance operations and repairs.

If you perform your own repairs, you will need effective parts storage, appropriate certified tools, and trained service personnel. If improper maintenance causes a malfunction, you will not be able to submit a warranty claim.

Are there advanced ways to monitor compressed air systems?

Visual inspection has limitations because there is a lot going on inside the air compressor.

To further ensure smooth operation of the machine, please check equipment parameters such as outlet temperature and pressure. If you find that the parameters are outside the recommended range, please contact an engineer for maintenance as soon as possible.

Manual recording means writing down all parameters in a table. As a more convenient and easy-to-use solution, the remote connection function of the air compressor is a good choice.


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